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Adding your Twitter feed to your WordPress site used to require the use of a plugin. While you can still use plugins to add the feed to your page, older plugins (that have not been updated) may have been reliant on the old Twitter API and may not work at all. Twitter has made it easier than ever to add the code to any website.

What you Need

  • Your own twitter account.
  • A website (for this tutorial specifically WordPress).
  • Copy/Paste ability.

That’s it. Really.

Adding Twitter Feed to WordPress

Log in to your Twitter account and go to Settings.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 2.01.33 PM

Click Widgets

Select Widgets for Adding Twitter to wordpress

Click Create New

Adding Twitter Add new Widget

Enter your information and settings. You can configure if you want to show your tweets, a custom feed of tweets based on favorites or others, or even by hashtags.

Adding Twitter widget configurationYou will be able to see a preview of what your Twitter widget will look like as you create it.

Once you’re satisfied, click Create Widget

When you create your widget you will be able to copy and paste the code of your widget to your website.

*This is the code to my twitter widget. You will need to get your own following the directions above to show your twitter feed. Although I don’t mind if you want to show my tweets.*

Where to put the code.

You can simply insert the code into a page by first selecting the text option on the editor.

Select Text for Adding Twitter Widget

If you don’t choose text first when you view your page you will likely just see a text version of your code. If this happens make sure that you remove the code and put it in the text editor.

You may also create a text widget and insert your code directly there. This enables you to put your twitter code anywhere you can place a widget on your WordPress installation. It will automatically adjust the width to the space available. If you need to change your height you will need to do so from your Twitter account settings. Enjoy your newly integrated social media engagement!