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Average Blog Disk Space (MB)

Why don't you have Unlimited plans?

Unlimited is a lie. Plain and simple. This is called overselling. Hosting companies sell you “unlimited” plans with the expectation that most people will never use the space. Often they don’t even have more than 1GB ready for your use. They also have strict usage policies that determine what kind of files you can use in your “unlimited space” and they can determine at their discretion if you’re “abusing” their disk space. Another draw back to buying “unlimited” means that while there’s really limited space on the server that you’re sharing, if another customer decides to use their “unlimited” space then you may have to be moved, the server may slow down, and all kind of strange things can happen.

Your plans seem pretty small...

Not really. Even on our Basic Hosting plan at $1.99 per month you have enough room to manage several low traffic websites. And compare the price to other hosts. They will often only let you have a single website (domain) on your hosting account at their lowest plan. We don’t want to limit you on how many sites you want to host, but if you plan to have several super high traffic websites you might not need the disk space, but bandwidth. Upgrading is easy and all of our plans are reasonable.

How long have you been hosting?

TaterKakes has been around since 2011. While that’s not a very lengthy track record and we have just recently started to branch out publicly, we have been hosting for private clients since this time. We do not intend to go anywhere (unless it’s changing servers around to give our customers more value for their dollar).

What if I hate being here? What if I outgrow your plans?

Well, we certainly hope you don’t hate us! If you decide that hosting with us is not for you however, we do offer refunds in the first 30 days. We want you to stay because you feel like you’re getting value and personal service. If you have a problem please let us know, we would really like to help you. If you must leave, we can help you too. We don’t want anyone to leave angry.

If you outgrow all of our plans let us know, we may be able to work something out. We’re always in the process of expanding. We just don’t want to expand too quickly as to cause service problems for our clients. We do not ever intend to sell “unlimited” we refuse to lie.

How fast is your service?

We aim to provide friendly, helpful, above and beyond service as quickly as possible. However we reserve 24 hours for response to tickets submitted through our ticketing system and 48 hours for direct emails. So far we have never came close to those numbers however. It’s hard to tell someone about your support. Submit a sales ticket, and you can see for yourself. Or better yet, get a hosting plan and try it out!

I need help with design...

We can answer basic design and function questions through our support system, but we also provide professional web design services.

What if I go viral?

If your blog goes viral and you run out of bandwidth, contact us! We want to help and we want all those visitors to get the content they’re looking for! Even on “unlimited” packages your traffic could be too much for their servers to handle, we want to make sure that if there’s downtime because of bandwidth it’s not because we just can’t provide.

I need a domain.

If you need a domain name and don’t already have one we can register .com and .net domains for a low fee of $13.99/year. This price is subject to change as years pass, but we will always notify you in advance if such a price change should occur. Due to demand and price variations we can’t guarantee the prices over the lifetime of your account. You are always free to register a domain with your registrar of choice and point to our name servers. If you choose to do this we will help you get set up.

Price for .com/.net domain name with TaterKakes